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Niki Ashton for Leader of Canada's NDP, 2017

"Ryan Painter​ is an exceptional individual to work with. In the short time we worked together, he proved himself not only to be skilled and hard working, but also thoughtful and compassionate in how he approached his work. As an organizer, his intuitive understanding of progressive political communities made it easy to trust him and to see his process as thorough and inclusive. His experience and his skill set made him a real asset to our campaign.

I appreciate his humour, his experience and his ability to learn on the job. Ryan is an excellent organizer, and I would bring him onto to any project or campaign given the chance again."

- Jenn Prosser, Campaign Director, Niki Ashton for leader of Canada's NDP, 2017

Gary Holman, former MLA and CRD Director

"Ryan throws himself 100% into his projects and getting results for his clients. His passion, unique work experience and collaborative approach make him a valuable asset on any team. I cannot recommend him more highly."