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Building Bridges of Communication for a More Connected Society

Channeling our vast knowledge in all things consulting, our team at Painter Consulting aims to build better connections between the government and private entities throughout Canada. Just as our founder is passionate about building bridges and connecting people, we too, take up the mantle in the collaborative services we provide.

Building Bridges of Communication for a More Connected Society

Be it through communications, media relations, or strategic planning for your company, group or community, we always aim to make solid connections between people and ideas. To see the difference we can make, contact us to seek more information or request a quote today.

If you have a stakeholder need, Painter Consulting can fulfill it. 

Our Mission

At Painter Consulting, our mission is to drive progressive change through connecting decision makers with new and engaging ideas, businesses, non-profits and individuals. We also aim to help clients grow their audience and build a strong communications and strategic plan to fulfill their goals. At Painter Consulting, we want to help clients live their values and find success through engagement and passion.

Meet Ryan Painter

Ryan Painter is the President of Painter Consulting. He has worked extensively in municipal, provincial, and federal election campaigns on Vancouver Island and in the British Columbia Interior. Through his experience, Ryan has shown an ability to prioritize building connections and engaging stakeholders.

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Over the years, he has worked as a communications manager, social media coordinator, volunteer recruitment and retention specialist, event coordinator and facilitator, and voter engagement strategist. From 2013-2016, Ryan also worked as a constituency assistant to a Vancouver Island MLA. He worked to develop a critical campaign plan, stakeholder engagement and communications strategy.

Recently, Ryan worked as the lead voter Contact organizer in a Vancouver Island constituency during the 2017 provincial elections. His work building a strategic engagement plan not only ensured a win but also secured 47% support for the winning candidate in a riding with very strong competitors.

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In the past year, Ryan has focused his attention on four key areas: mental health advocacy, community engagement, event facilitation, and email/social media management and engagement. This focus resulted in him playing a key role in developing the platform for a major federal political leadership candidate and organizing local meet-and-greet events and fundraisers in various Vancouver Island communities.

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Ryan’s experience and background have made him uniquely positioned to understand the needs and concerns of organizations with a desire to engage with government and build a winning strategy to connect with current and potential clients. At present, Ryan works for the British Columbia government, where in he is honoured to wear many hats and has built a good foundation as a savvy, well-rounded professional.

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